Mavelous is Mike Vitale’s consulting company, based in the Twin Cities area. We provide training and coaching in Agile and Scrum practices for developers, teams, and organizations worldwide.

If you are interested in Agile or Scrum training either for your developers, or for an entire team, please get in touch with Mike.

Mike Vitale

Mike Vitale came to Scrum organically as a developer. It started with a death-march project. Figuring that There Had To Be A Better Way, he started researching different methods of delivering software. Early on, he read about Scrum and immediately started implementing it on the project he was leading at the time. Following the Scrum framework, he started by introducing the standard Scrum “Ceremonies” to his team. They liked the insight that it gave them into their work and the communication it provided among teammates. His management enjoyed the visibility it gave them into what work was being performed, and the understanding it provided into when the team would complete the complex features they were being asked to build. He knew he was on to something.

After studying the practices more, he gained a deeper understanding of what it means to truly “be agile” instead of just “do agile.”

Mike has now been consulting in various agile roles for a number of years. He has led agile transformations and DevOps implementations at multiple Fortune 100 organizations. With his background as a skilled developer, he brings empathy for the developers he works with to his client engagements. Mike is also able to talk to business leaders about the gains that their organizations can achieve through using Agile practices on their projects.

Mike currently holds Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) designations from the Scrum Alliance.

I am also the creator of @AgileFortune, a Twitter bot that focuses on Agile tips, tricks, and quotes. It also has a home on the web.