Sprint Zero, When You Can't Not Do It

As an Agile Coach with a past history as a developer, my goal is to get my clients building actual software quickly. Often, I would prefer not to do anything close to a Sprint Zero, because I've never seen a Sprint Zero that's about delivering working software. Just as often, I can't avoid it, because the clients I work with simply aren't set up to not do one.

Creating a CD-friendly blog

Alright. So. I've got an extensive background as a developer. I automate things. All of the things. Anything I have to do more than once needs to be automated. It's an OCD thing[1]. In all of my recent programming jobs, I've worked to replace myself with a very small shell script.

An #ACCUS Review

Last weekend, I drove down to Indianapolis for Agile Coach Camp. I didn't find out about it until Wednesday afternoon, but by early Friday morning, I was on my way to my first major coaching networking/learning meeting.