A Reading List for Developers

Good morning, folks. It's time for me to create my own List of Books for Programmers. Sure, other folks have come before me and recommended their own list. I'm sure there will be others who'll do the same thing after me, as well.

CSD and #SGCAL Review

On April 2, I flew out to San Diego to attend both David Bernstein's Certified Scrum Developer Essentials course as well as the Scrum Gathering. These two weeks were pretty magical -- knowledge gained, people met, connections and plans made...How refreshing!

A Continuous Delivery Implementation for SalesForce

Today, I come to you with a co-author. Since February, I've been working with Mark Thias on a Continuous Delivery (CD) consulting engagement.

Puppet: Set the User's SSH Key

This is the third in a series of posts I'm making detailing my setting up a Puppet master/slave pair of servers on Linode. If you haven't seen them yet, go check out my first and second posts about my Puppet servers.

Puppet: Set the User's Password

A few months ago, I published a post about using Puppet to manage infrastructure. As my company grows, I'm finding it more important to ensure that all of my servers are managed in a sane manner. To me, this includes ensuring that if one of my servers ever goes down, or the data center it's in gets smashed by a meteor, I could theoretically be back up and running just by migrating to another data center.